Salmon Cake Bites

Blue Horizon Wild make a salmon cake bite that is gluten free, wheat free, no preservatives, antibiotics or hormones.  The ingredients on the label hold true to gluten free standards.  One word of caution listed in the ingredients is “natural flavoring”.  According to Gluten Free Cooking for Dummies by: Dana Korn and Onnie Sarros Gluten can be hidden into the following ingredients:  Brown Rice Syrup, Fillers, Flavors and Natural Flavorings, Spice Blends, Stabilizers, Starch including pharmaceuticals, and brewer’s yeast.  Korn and Sarros state that the U.S. FDA: Code of Regulations are not sure if the list includes gluten, but all of the items may contain trace amounts or be gluten – contaminated.

I tend to be hyper sensitive to gluten, gluten – contamination, and trace amounts in food.  So far I have had a positive reaction to the salmon cake bites!  Hopefully this works for other people too!!

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  2. Lonna Kellams:

    I can’t believe my eyes. This blog is loaded with ideas. I cannot wait to impliment these details.

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