Japanese Amaranth Salad

I am obsessed with farmer’s markets and slightly have an love affair with them.  I’m not a morning person but love the early morning bussel of setting up the market, watching people, and the wonderful smells and not so wonderful smells of the city.  There are so many walks of life that come through at different times of the early morning to early afternoon.

This salad was a treat and treasure that I put together after the Saturday farmer’s market.  Simple and easy, all local and harvested with in 24 hours of purchase…a girl can’t ask for more :)

Swiss Chard and Kale leaves (tender Red Russian), Japanese parsnip grated over top (this allows for a sweeter taste then a traditional parsnip), diced tomato, and amaranth leaves, topped with a Chervil Lime Salad Dressing!


With an excellent Chervil Lime Salad Dressing

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