Davis Farms

Davis Farms is a quaint organic farm nestled into the heart of Roberta, GA.  Settled into the rolling hills of Roberta.  A place where you are submerged into trees, ponds, and the sounds of hundreds of birds to wake you up in the early morning.  A place where road noise is scarce, and the sunset is always beautiful.  The owner and her two full time interns run a 20+ acre farm to bring organic farming and education to a new level in southern, GA.  The Macon Farmers Market opened in 2007 by a former New Yorker, Naomi Davis, who also happens to be the owner and operator of Davis Farms.

A place of kindness, caring,and comfort.   Davis farms and owner took in 30 interns to create a community and give a place to call home during the 30 days internship for Earthships Biotecture, building a recycled home.  At first I had no idea what to expect, where I was going to sleep other then the sleeping bag and tent that I had toted onto a plane, let alone how I was going to survive eating gluten free for 30 days out of a backpack!!!

Julia, Nika and Namoi, where some of the kindest people I had ever met.  Not only providing showers, but hot meals at night and brunch on weekends, a clean water source, toilette, and shelter.  Nika the farm cook met all dietary needs from, vegan, gluten free, dairy free, corn free, to vegetarian and raw.  The community brought together a plethora of knowledge and communal living and sharing that turned into a family quick.

If you are interested doing an internship for Wwoof (world wide opportunities on organic farms) check out the site here.

Check out a Davis Farms Video Here

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