Yellow Deli


The Yellow Deli is located on Pearl Street in Boulder Colorado., open 24hours 5 days/week.  The main theme of the place is handcrafted hot sandwiches to enjoy in a handcrafted dining experience.  The outside of the dining venu is simple and small.  As you enter it like entering the pipe pippers home and kitchen.  Chairs made out of hand crafted wood, woven hemp dividers hang from the ceiling and the rainbow of the countryside paints the walls.



The gluten free option is limited but simple with it being a sandwich shop.  All of the meat is hand cut.  Limited binder and fillers in the meat, therefore mostly gluten free.  There is one gluten free bread made in house.  How is the cross contamination during the baking process?  I honestly am not sure.  But luckily it is dairy free as well (not 100 percent on being egg free).  I felt fine after indulging in the delicious deli cut sandwich and the best part is that it was served on piping hot bread.  The touch of the warm bread brought the experience over the top for me.



The staff was extremely friendly, attentive and helpful with all of my dietary questions.  Not looking for a sandwich, they also have excellent salads!!!! Next time passing through pearl street give it a try, especially if you miss the olden gluten filled  days of sandwiches on the go.   Yellow Deli Menu

908 Pearl Street

Boulder Colorado 80302



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