What’s in your GUT!?!?

This is the campaign slogan for The American Gut Campaign.  “World’s LARGEST open-source, community driven effort to characterize the microbial diversity of the American public. Does diet matter? Only one way to find out.”

For just 99.00 you can find out what’s in your gut compared to other Americans!!! You will receive a “PERKS” test kit that will test a stool sample, saliva sample, and a skin sample.  The key bullet points that

  • See how your microbiome compares to others and learn how your diet & lifestyle may shape your gut microbiome
  • Our team of 30 scientists has published over 800 papers
  • Our team has sequenced thousands of samples from all over the world
  • We start mailing out the PERKs (kits) in February (note that this is a “Flexible Funding” campaign and anyone who joins will be able to participate, even if we do not reach our funding goal. Giddy up folks!)


For more information follow the campaign here


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