Top 8 Spring Cleanses


Everyone around me is talking about spring cleansing.  I feel like i’ve jumped onto some energy wave and i’m along for the ride submerged into transition this spring.  Granted I live in an extremely transient place with a seasonal lifestyle, but this year there is an energy in the air.  It’s almost like a pent up energy that needs to be released, like a new year’s resolution… an April resolution, or May away… i’m not sure which.  Perhaps for me it’s a way to take May and reflect into a new season.  There are really only two season’s out in Idaho.  Sure we have the 4 seasons. Really though there is the 10 months of snow, frost with mud season thrown in there, and then the 60-70 days with out frost and pure bliss.

For my entire life i’ve had some form of spring and/or summer off.  Our education system provides us with spring and or summer off or a combination.  College, the same.  Now as I continue through work in life I have chosen a lifestyle that allows for me to take the spring off every year.  The off season Mid-April to Mid-May always symbolizes change, release of old and into a new adventure.  Usually this ritual consists of travel, seeing friends and family, seeing new sights, trying new things like surfing, and eating delicious new food ideas.

This year though my break was shorter and I feel like I need some kind of cleanse or release.  Therefore, I have decided on a 10 – 14 day (depending how it goes May 14th through the 26thish give or take) cleanse that I will start with next weekend.  Ideally I shoulda, woulda, coulda done this during my time off, I’ve already dove right back into the thickness of work this year, and a cleanse is still needed even though the timing is a little off.

Being already slender I have decided to do a combination of juicing, smoothies, elimination, and raw.  Wowzers that sounds complex.  But really its not too bad!  I want to take this time to reflect and look into the future.  I already eat a pretty clean diet being gluten and dairy free.  Plus with a background in personal training and nutrition I’ve eaten relatively healthy over that past 5 years or so.  I want to balance out my nutrition plan and re – center to get rid of a few bad habbits and bring in some new good habbits.

For me this is going to be a process.  I don’t believe there is any quick diet or cleanse that will magically cure or fix you, or get rid of toxins from a lifetime of bad habits.  This cleanse for me will be an initiation to get back on track with a lifestyle, exercise, and nutrition program that I have found that works for me.  Gena from Choosing Raw has an excellent and realistic outlook on cleansing.

April In the Raw by Real Sustenance was a blog event that added to the kick of cleansing for a month and inspiration of new recipes to try this summer and spring.  I use to cringe at the idea of “raw” foods and diets, but now I see it as a way of inspiration, liberation, and just another way to think outside of the box with my cooking and life.


Top Eight Posts on Spring Cleansing

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Spring is not only a time to cleanse your body, buy your mind and life, a time for transition.  Don’t forget to cleanse your kitchen along with your self.  If you have snack foods, chips, candy and sweets in your house it will add to the temptations and cravings.  It takes a full two weeks for you body to cleanse the old foods, sugars and salts from you diet and to even begin healing from damage.

To be a little blunt if you think you will pick a magical cleanse overnight you are probably wrong.  Cleansing isn’t a simple process nor is it quick.  Its not as easy as saying hey I’m going to juice for a week, loose 10 lbs and be fit by the end of it.  For the average person we are probably talking about changing lifestyles and a lifetime of bad habits.  Cleansing can be a great way to initiate a change over a long period of time to change some habits and move into a healthier lifestyle.

Reminders:  Pick a cleanse that will work for you.  Start small especially if this is your first cleanse.  Try a cleanse that won’t be too extreme but will cleanse your body.  For example:  If you have never cleansed before, picking a 7 day juicing cleanse may be a little extreme for you body.  Maybe just start by eating clean, raw fruits and vegetables with a combination of smoothies and juices and incorporate this slowly into your diet!!!




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