Top 11 cracker recipes


Crunch, Crunch, Crunch… Sometimes all I crave is a crunchy snack, or something decent to put some huckleberry jam on.  One of my most favorite snacks as a teenager was Ritz Crackers, Creame Cheese and Cranberry Juice.  Now I can’t have the 1st two but I can still enjoy juice.  I’ve been hooked on seeds lately and I miss and love chips and crackers.  Why not try crackers that are packed with nutrients.  Here are the top 10 cracker recipes that sounded good to me.  Many of the recipes require a dehydrator but an oven can work in most cases.  Try this excellent raw cheese spread, or a basil pesto spread to go with your delicious crackers.



Top 10 Cracker Recipes

1. Pecan Crackers- Gluten Free Girl

2.  Rosemary Crackers- Elana’s Pantry (these are absolutely fabulous with a great crunch factor)

3.  Basic Raw Crackers- Rawtarian

4.  Curried Kabocha Squash Flat Bread- Choosing Raw

5.  Grain Free Multi Grain Crackers- Elana’s Pantry (If you like flaky crackers, try this!)

6.  Graham Crackers- Gluten Free Girl

7.  Super Seed Crackers- The Mommy Bowl (Here’s a slightly different variation of the Super Seed Crackers that turned out great!  I substituted carrots and broccoli for the zucchini.


8.  Raw Juice Pulp Crackers- Choosing Raw

9.  Herb Cracker-

10.  Wheat Thins- Elana’s Pantry (came out pretty well in the oven but I think would do better in a dehydrator)

11.  Vegan Almond Pulp Crackers- Elana’s Pantry

This Recipe is wonderful for getting rid of Almond Pulp.  It didn’t quite make crackers for me (using oven) but it made an excellent form of Almond Flat Bread that is a perfect replacement for toast and jam, or PB and Honey.  I’m slightly hooked on this for a breakfast side or snack.  It’s especially great if you make your own Almond Milk, I’m always looking for new uses for Almond Pulp.



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  1. Deanna:

    Thanks for trying my crackers! I’m so glad you liked them. And, I love your substitutions. Any way to get the veggies in, right? :)

  2. erinn:

    Thanks for the post, the crackers were great, and I love that a veggie substitute worked with what I had in the fridge:)

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    [...] Almond Pulp Crackers [...]

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