Top 10 Cook Books

I recently went on an Amazon shopping spree for some books I’ve had my eye on for over a year now.  I wanted to see what gluten free writers were writing about.  What their recipes had to say and I also dabbled into some books that I have found inspirational to me.  One restaurant in particular sticks out in my head.  Moosewood Restaurant outside of Ithaca New York.  I recently purchased their Kitchen to Garden book, and it really hit home for me.  One of the Authors who also works at Moosewood and grows garden food for the restaurant not to mention a former architect.  I could totally relate to his story.  In the middle of studying architecture in Boston, I decided one day to pick up and leave with the end goal of moving out west.  How I ended up working in Food and Beverage was a completely different story and more of a means to an end at the time.  Somehow fast forward 5 years into the future and it lands me at today with a passion for allergy friendly cooking.

Which has led me to my top 10 reading list for gluten and allergy free cooking for 2010.  These are the books that I have found inspirational through lay out, photography, recipes and character.  Another helpful book not listed here for newbies to Gluten Freedom is Gluten Free for Dummies, and Gluten Free Cooking for Dummies.  It breaks down a lot of information into simple language!

Top 10 List (in random order)

  1. The New Moosewood Cookbook
  2. Every Day Raw
  3. Moosewood Restauraunt: New classics
  4. Simply Sugar and Gluten Free
  5. Moosewood Restaurant Cooks at Home
  6. Gluten Free on a Shoe String
  7. Moosewood Restaurant Kitchen Garden
  8. Allergy Free Desserts
  9. The Gluten Free Almond Flour Cookbook
  10. Eat well live well: with Gluten Intolerance

One thing I find interesting about all of these books is that I still have to adapt due to other food allergies, like dairy, coconut, and some raw fruits and vegetables.  Not the end of the world but I have yet to find a cookbook that I can eat everything from.  At least though there is progress on allergy friendly cooking that tastes better then the real deal.

Another thing surprising to me is that with the amount of food bloggers online these days, is that cookbooks are even in print anymore.  Despite the amazing progression of websites and the internet These were all great additions to the book collection.

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