The Start of my Greenhoues and Garden

This past year I had taken a Master Garden Class I figured I needed all the help I could get.  I live in Idaho a place where the ground is mostly rock crumble mixed with some dirt and there is only 60 days without frost and with that you may get snow or frost in those 8 weeks of warmish weather that we call summer!

This spring on a whim I decided to build a green house and a garden on a whim.  I had never grown food before, or anything outside of some potted house plants.  Where do I begin?!

I remember as a kid my mom always trying to get us to plant flowers, and I hated it, it was like pulling teeth to get me to go dig/pull some weeds and plant flowers.  So I wasn’t sure how I would feel about gardening in my young adult life.  But this endeavor of a gardening and a green house was different.  This was going to be a food garden something that would be beneficial other then aesthetically.

I started my planning in May which is late if you are going to start with seeds.  So I had to start with starter plants this year.  The one mistake I made is that I started to large, but it still has been an adventure and a fun one at that.

This is the plot of space 8 x 10 feet that I picked for my future green house

This is a 10 x 15 foot space that I planted some starters and some seeds in mid June

In the garden surrounded by rocks I had dumped compost and food scraps, ashes from wood burning stove etc… all winter.  In the spring I scraped excess off, and hand tilled all of the soil.  Then added organic compost on top of this space.  So far the area that I had tossed food scraps and compost onto throughout the winter has proven to be the most fertile for plants this summer.

One of the challenges is the spot I picked is surrounded by natural growth, lots of weeds, and limited light!

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