The detriment of Barley


BAH!!! I got contaminated at work today by barley out of my own laziness.  There was a smoothie that I tried not thinking to read the label of the dynamic greens.  The main ingredient is Barley.  About two years ago I discovered that Barely was the reason as a child I had so many skin problems from rashes on my face, to arms and legs.  In my adult life it would make my skin peal off around my mouth.



This is a photo from November 2010 within 3 hours of consuming a barley product.


I also have a different GI reaction to it then wheat, rye, oats or spelt.  Barley doesn’t hit me right away in the GI track the way other glutenous grains do.  Barley usually takes a few hours.  To be specific it took about 12 hours today after being gluten free for about 2 years.  2 years ago it would have taken about 4 hours.  My sister asked what was up with my stomach, as my belly was abs-tended, it seriously looked like I was slightly pregnant this evening as my belly swelled and the pain persisted.

Today I had a reaction that I have never had before. The underside of my tongue swelled up to the point that there was a medium sized bubble on the bottom of my mouth connecting to the bottom side of my tongue.  It was painful and swollen.  I did have some bumps swell up around my lips as the day progressed but nothing as bad as my face usually gets.  We will see how it is tomorrow.


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