Teton Thai – Driggs, ID

Written By: Mike Newell

Edited By: Erinn Butulis

Nestled on a sleepy NW street corner across from the only stoplight in Driggs sits Teton Thai (2nd location located in the Village, Jackson, WY).  A recent addition to the fabulously rugged lifestyle Teton Valley residents already enjoy. Its mixture of rustic adventure and lavish gourmet ensnare regulars and visitors alike. Stand aside and witness the making of addicts as the sweet aroma of curry dishes and steamed rice take hostage anyone who deigns to walk within 100ft. Teton Thai will take hold and once it does, there is no escape.

And of course, it’s gluten free food rivals that of the most creative and resourceful gluten free cooks. Is it too cliche to say the curry is heavenly? I suppose it’s a dish you’ll remember at the very least.  Teton Thai is one of the only restaurants in Driggs Idaho where you can order an entire Gluten Free dish that actually tastes better then what is served at home.  Something I have found having a Mom and Girlfriend who has Celiac’s Disease, is that often eating out isn’t worth the waste of time and money.  Dishes prepared at home taste much better then what can be modified in a restaurant.  Except at Teton Thai!

Gluten Free Menu Options

Warning to Viewers: Though there are gluten free options,  the food is still cross contaminated.  The Wok is seasoned, meaning the same wok is used for gluten filled dishes and gluten free dishes, just rinsed with water and a brush that is used on gluten and non gluten cleaning.

Where the cross contamination is occurring?

The cooks also use the same spoon to taste gluten free and dishes normally made with gluten.

I have occasionally found the gluten free soy sauce not labeled!!!

Plus, all of the cooking ingredients are on one cart.  Liquids are scooped out up and across other ingredients, sometimes dripping into other containers, which is a form of cross contamination.

Many ingredients are from Thailand, the food regulations are different, some packaging may not have ingredients or translation for English.

Sometimes on busy nights if the wrong rice is plated it will be thrown back into rice cooker w/cross contamination of soy sauce and other gluten filled ingreditnes

Also, the water that noodles, shrimp and broccoli are boiled in is used by the wok spoon that is covered in glutenous sauce to spoon water into wok during cooking

Nuts are fried in a fryer where gluten is fried

The owners label ketchup as gluten free even though it IS NOT, be ware of the Pad Thai

The owners claim the Red Rice Ale by Hitachino to be gluten free but it IS NOT, malt and barley are used during the distillation proces

For further information please see my testimonial for logs on my reactions to long term use of food from here, I am starting a month to month journal and pictures to see if my health conditions improve, cutting out the Thai Food!!!

Although there are no Gluten Free Appetizers at Teton Thai, the entrees make up for it:

The receipe for the satay gai has gone back in forth constantly, each location is different, the recipe may or may not be gluten free, also be ware if cooked on a grill, ribs with a heavy wheat filled sauce is all over this grill.

GF Safe List:


1st section of soups, coconut based, and hot and sour (they make their own gluten free chicken broth from scratch, previously they used a flavor additive that had gluten in it, but the Driggs location no longer does, double check Jackson’s location before ordering)

Soup Warning: I have still had adverse reactions to the Tom Kha Gai coconut soup even though owners claim it to be gluten free, I have also run into other Celiac’s in town who have said the same thing.  I have not been able to track down the source yet, other then perhaps cross contamination?

Hot and Sour Soups- Must request NO chili Paste (this has wheat in it)

Most Rice dishes (except Cashew Nut Stirfry, Pad Gar Pow Duck, and Khao Maan Gai)

Noodle dishes- except Pad Thai

Curry Dishes

Coconut Sticky Rice

NOTE: Remember to ask for the gluten free version, substitute tamari gluten free soy sauce, no oyster sauce and No Nuts (the nuts are flash fried in a fryer that has been used for gluten cooking)

Not So Safe Not GF List:

Ingredients: Don’t forget them to have the following ingredients removed from dish (Oyster Sauce, Chili Paste, Soy Sauce)

Appetizers all of the appetizers have wheat or a marinade that has gluten in it, or fried in a fryer that has gluten in it)

Nuts (fried in a fryer that has gluten in it)

Tofu(ask for it to be steamed, normally it is prepared in a fryer with gluten)

Entrees Not So Safe:

Spicey Fried Rice (have to remove chili paste, oyster sauce, and soy)

Pad Gar Pow Duck

Cashew Nut Stirfry

Tom Yum Soups (they taste terrible with gf substitutes)

Noodle Soups

Khao Maan Gai

Most Desserts

The entrees are well prepared, attractive and the menu has a substantial number of gluten free, vegan choices and substitutions. The wait staff conforms to Thai Time which means dishes will come out when they do , even if it’s not all together which complements their genuine ski bum charm. It’s one of my favorites, I make it a point to frequent their establishment to help break up my week.

Winter 2010-2011 Hours

Serving Lunch: M-F 11:30AM – 2PM

Serving Dinner: M-S 5PM – 9:00PM

Reception: (208) 787 -8424

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