Swiss Chard Omlet and Sweet Frys

Try adding texture and crunch to your egg white omelet by using the whole swiss chard leaf and stem!!!


-  Dice 2 stems of Swiss Chard

-  Slice or ribbon 2 medium Swiss Chard Leaves

-  Dice 1/2 Red Pepper

-  Dice 2 Cloves Garlic

-  Dice 1/4 Tomato



- Sautee the diced swiss chard stems, garlic and peppers

-  Add swiss chard leaves and diced tomatos

- Sautee in seperate pan 4 -6 egg whites, add fillings from above when egg becomes firm on bottom but still soft on top


Sweet Potato Fry’s

Wash and Slice large sweet potato or yam into 3 sections (cut across the girth)

Cut each section in half and then into strips

Approx. 20-24 slices approx 1-1.5 inches long, it should look like homes fry slices

Spray a cooking sheet, or glass pan with olive oil and sprinkle sweet potatoes with chili, cumin, and curry powder

Bake on 400 degrees fro approximately 20 min and then flip over and lightly season again

remove from oven when cooked through and lightly crispy on edges

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