Strawberry Arugula Salad

This salad is SO easy, and you can really work around with whatever you have in your fridge.  It doesn’t have to be arugula and it doesn’t have to be strawberries, it could be some other leafy green and some other fruit.  I also added some sliced Almonds  and protein after the picture was taken.

Add your choice of protein, from grilled chicken, to salmon to shrimp.  I used shredded lunch meat today…but NOT just any lunch meat.  I used Hormel.  Hormel is a additive free lunch meat.

FACT: Did you know that most lunch meats, well aren’t really meat.  There are a bunch of additives including dairy, wheat, gluten and other binders and fillers that just aren’t good for you!

Hormel is a gluten free, additive free, hormone free lunch meat, and one of the only packaged ones on the market.


TIP: Try making your own salad dressing, its as easy as 1,2,3

Simply take some olive oil and your favorite herbs (preferably fresh)  and blend them together in a blender



Sorrel- Another leafy green that I love is Sorrel.  It’s in season in the spring and fall and adds a punch of flavor.

Check out 50 things to do with Sorrel here

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