Starbucks Steals my Heart

Ok SO … I hate to say this but Starbucks steals my Gluten Free heart over Caribou Coffee.  I really needed to get some work done this past week at a coffee shop on the go, and I had just finished a workout, was starving.  Caribou refused to blend a smoothie for me even thought I offered to pay.  I understand food regulations and safety.  However I can go to other places where they will blend your ingredients for a fee.  I was SO frustrated and angry hungry.  PLUS… who the heck offeres gluten free granola bars in your Gran n’ Go section that says “gluten and wheat free”….however in fine print on the back says “processed on machinery that processes wheat and gluten.



Caribou Coffee… talk about false advertisement and not to mention the only thing you offer that I am not allergic to is Pop Chips… Awesome!

Ok, now lets talk about Starbucks.  I hate to admit it because I’ve always been a friends don’t let friends drink corporate coffee kind of girl.  However, Starbucks has taken a step up to follow the trendy consumers that they provide products to.  Starbucks has a new bakery line coming out.  Also, they are offering “healthier” garb and go snacks.

For example:  A raw bar with no added sugars preservatives colors etc… and some fruit snacks that are similar version of fruit leather made from more natural ingredients.  Ok, neither of these substitute a healthy well balanced meal of fruits, veggies, and lean meats.  Let’s say though when you are angry hungry and have got to have something right now… Starbucks is the place for me!



You know what else this means… I can actually eat a filling snack that is not saturated in gmo, sugars, and artificial flavors when traveling in an airport… EXCITING!



Thank you Starbucks for adapting your product line to the latest needs of consumers… and Caribou step up your game!

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