Spring is in the air!!!

Spring is in the air…. well almost.  There is still about 2 feet of snow on the ground in my yard, but the days are longer, the sun peaks through the cloudy mountains more, and the snow fall is considerably less!  Last year I started my garden in May, and this year my plan is the same, that is if the snow melts off.  The first two weeks of April have been beyond unpredictable with waves of warmth mixed with late spells of snow.

A picture of my truck parked on the road (in MAY!!!)

I started my seeds the first week of April this year, and they are already taking off.  It’s my first year doing my own starters instead of purchasing them, and much more cost effective too!!! I’ve been saving egg cartons and empty salad containers for months preparing for the garden planning season.

Old snowboards make great planter shelves!!!

I spent about 8 hours playing around with this seasons garden lay out, and a basic rotation of root, flower, fruit, and companion planting possibilities.  I learned SO much from my garden last year.  Though, this year the Poor Man’s Greenhouse will be turned into a wild flower and sun flower plot, the PVC pipe green house will be recycled into small hoop houses for the upper garden plot.  I can’t wait to take pictures:)

The Education Center in Taos and AMAZING indoor food system:)

Amazing Swiss Chard

Last weekend I went down to Taos, New Mexico and went to check out the Earthships headquarters.  I worked for them in the fall of 2010 on their Georgia Build.  Their new builds looked amazing, and their indoor gardening is amazing and inspiring.  All of their food looked SO good!!! It kept me day dreaming all day about living in a fairytale house made of recycled materials and growing my own food.  Growing the food inside also keeps the house at a stable temperature around 65-70 degrees!!!

The new structure is built like a castle

The bottles had amazing mountain sides built into the walls

And the staircase… who says grown ups can’t have fun?

Now that I’m back home, as of the first week of May I am still skiing, sledding, and growing food inside for another month with the looks of things!  The picture of my truck at the top was taken the first week in May!  Even though my plants, and I am ready for growth, and warmth it looks like patience will be a test for the month of May.

I’m going to be skiing 10 -11 months out of the year this year…woowhooo:)

But not without the help of these…


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