Spring Cleanse VS. A 24 Day Fitness Challenge

Every spring I do some form of cleansing and making sure I’m staying in check with my diet, body, mind and self.  This year was a little tougher I was in the middle of a move and seemed to miss all the great cleanses out there by a day or two, or happened to be on the road while they were happening.

Cleanse America did a great cleanse in April, and they are doing another one on June 20th.  But the April one just didn’t fit with my schedule.

I was also referred to Donna Gates, with Body Ecology, her cleanse started this past week .  She focuses on a guided cleanse over the span of 20 + days.  Donna has been featured in Living Without, Fitness Magazine, Raw Truth and many more magazines.

Cathy Wong is also an amazing alternative medicine doctor who has the scoop, and the real scoop of how to cleanse properly.  I think so many people get excited over the word cleanse and throw themselves into these over the top liquid diets, shocking their systems, instead of easing into it and finding whats best for their body.  Check out this excellent article on Detox Diet: How to Do it Right .  This is probably the best in depth article with pages of information I have seen on cleansing in general.

Instead this year I decided to go with something local, tangible, guided, easing instead of shock starting, and a program that focused on the overall health and wellness improvement that can lead to lifestyle changes.  I am going with the 24 day Fitness Challenge guided by Stephanie Winters, from O.S.R. Physical Therapy.  She is doing a wonderful 24 day challenge, where she measures your body composition on the first day and on the last day.  With this program you have access to daily fitness and cardio workouts along with menu ideas and nutrition guidance.  Plus this add’s a great challenge to my cooking creativity and staying on top of my goals to constantly grow my food vocabulary.  Check out more information on Stephanie Winters here!


Good Luck to the 50 + participants




Say Goodbye to these delicious Morsels for the next 24 days!!!



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