Slow Foods of Minnesota

I have to say this fitness challenge has by all means challenged my protein consumption.  I haven’t eaten meat from a grocery store in probably about two years.  Ok, I can’t say haven’t at all but anything that I personally purchased in the past two years came from a farm, or local hunters 90 percent of the time.


I am also used to eating seasonally.  Lots of garden food spring, summer, fall.  Fish during fishing season, and into the first 60 days of freezing seasons.  Elk, and Venison through the winter during hunting season.  Pork when slaughtered (usually February-July)  Eggs when available from farmers.   I’ve noticed small reactions going back to store bought meats.  I don’t respond well to Chicken at all, but do OK with the Alaskan Salmon, fish and Grass Fed Beef.  However I do notice a difference.


If anyone is interested in food sources or Slow Foods of Minnesota here is a link to their site.  I had the pleasure of meeting the chair of slow foods Jane Rosemarin this past week at Mill City’s Farmers Market.  If you don’t know about slow foods… it started in 1986.  It was Rome’s way of saying no to Fast Foods and highly processed foods.  This organization started when the first McDonald’s was put in Rome.

Slow Foods is a global grass roots, non-profit organization supported by 150 countries with a network of 2000 food communities.  This organization takes pride in bringing food back to the roots, having an interest in not only where you food comes from but how it’s grown and the process or, lack of process it takes to get from the farm to your table.

For anyone looking for restaurants, or stores that follow the slow foods philosophy you can find a comprehensive one here for Minnesota


View the national Slow Foods website here


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