Skin and Hair Improvements

So I know I had mentioned in one of my earlier posts some of my health problems before going gluten free!!!! My journey to gluten freedom has been quite the up down roller coaster, but the results I’ve seen have sold me in them self! I have taken pictures from week 4 to week 12 of the beginning of my journey and pictures of new hair growth where my hair line was starting to pull back and thin.

My skin was breaking out like I was a 12 year old going through puberty and my hair was thinning and receding like I was going through menopause, loosing clump fulls and clump fulls every time I combed my hair and showered… for a long time I thought I had cancer or something else was seriously wrong with me. I’m grateful it all boiled down to a gluten allergy. In this day and time there are so many options and resources out there so its much easier then it was 10 years ago to cook, shop and learn about celiacs, gluten free diets, dairy free diets as so forth.

Note to readers: Bare with the pictures I’m having some formatting issues on the back end of this entry. But it reads left to right 4weeks,6, 8, 10, 12, and 12 weeks, and then the hair growth at the bottom. And 6 weeks on the right is not a booger in my nose its a break out, I picked some of the more gross pictures of myself so everyone could see the drastic improvements my skin and hair have made!!!

Left 1: Skin 4 weeks into my first trial month of being Gluten Free- Gross and broken out!!!

Left 2: Skin 6 Weeks

Left 3: Skin 8 weeks

Left 4: Skin 10 weeks

Left 5: Skin 12 weeks

Left 6: Skin 12 weeks!!!!

Look at the improvement :)

New hair growth at 6 weeks in, you might think oh that’s normal, but I had started to recede in a widows peak and thinned the width of a finger back on my forehead, this is all new growth since going gluten free !!!!!

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