Should food bloggers be prosecuted?

I just want to say what happen to freedom of speech in America.  Or sharing a life story.  The prosecution of John Durant for food blogging about a Paleo lifestyle hits home to me.  Like John after becoming Ill and seeking medical professionals help over the span of 10 years I became sicker and sicker not to mention racking up medical debt.  In 2009 and 2010  I took my health into my own hands which inspired me to start my own blog.  I healed myself, photographed my recovery and discovered by taking my own diet, exercise and health into my own hands it would heal me more than any prescription or doctor could!  Read how I healed myself here!

I just wanted to give a shout out to John Durant for having an amazing food blog and for taking his health into his own hands! It’s amazing how changing your diet can save your life, as it did mine!

Read Here about how the Government is Trying to Shut Down John’s Food Blog!!!!


Think about how many recipe books are out there, nutritional books and blogs who have people just like John and I who had a life changing experience because we took charge of our own lives and healed ourselves.  Therefor, we shared our experience with the world because it worked, and like John I believe what I did for myself can heal others.

There are so many of us out there like John and I…. for example Bill Barlow has been sharing his amazing life changing experience by taking his diet into his own hands and is now a You Tube regular sharing his life story of how he is no longer ill and has lost 200 lbs.  He helps others through his voice, opinion and personal experience of changing his diet.

Pretty much what the government’s telling us is that those of us who have chosen alternative routes should instead be wasting our money and time on medical professionals who know less about my personal feeling, experience and knowledge on my own health and how my own body feels.  I guarantee anyone, that I could go to many certified nutritionists and they would know half of what I do about my food allergy’s.  I could also go to an allergist and they wouldn’t be able to cover my reactions to certain things, some of them have even refereed me to dermatologists and gastroenterologist over and over again.

So what the government is saying is that I need to run around in circles get med’s from all different medical professionals and keep getting run in circles.  I am outraged for John!

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