Putting the Garden to Bed

It is that time year, where the leaves are falling faster then anyone can blink and its dipped down to upper 20′s-mid 30′s at night, and my truck has frost on it in the morning. Which means it’s time to put the garden to bed for the winter. Now I’ve never actually put a full garden to bed for the winter. In the past its just involved bringing a few plants into the house for the winter, easy enough right? So, how hard could it be to put the garden to bed! Of course as always I researched and researched online, talked to friends. Here’s the plan I filtered into my own. I spent the last few weeks pulling any remaining leaves, vegetables, onions, beets etc… But today was different, today I pulled everything up from the greenhouse and garden, piled it into a burn pile on the upper garden, sprinkled wood shavings over top from bucking wood and lit the pile a blaze! I let the pile burn slowly for a day, and the next day turned the pile, pulled up stragglers and re burned the pile a second day. Tomorrow I will pull any larger remaining parts and discard into trash, then spread the ashes over the garden and hand till ashes, compost and wood shavings into the ground. (Insects and bugs can lay their eggs in roots and if not fully burned some can survive and hatch in the spring!)

Some tips I came across for both spring and fall if not planting cover crops, is to till multiple times with a couple of days break in between each till.  This should help cut down on the amount of insects and larva in the the garden space by exposing insects and larva to colder temperatures!

Watching the pile burn I already had excitement and a million ideas running through my head for the garden and starter plants in the spring!

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