Pre Weekend Cleanse


Tomorrow is my launch off day for me 2 week cleanse.  Yesterday I had to work but my cleanse is all I could think about.  This morning I woke up to sunshine, birds chirping and warmth…is spring officially here?  The warmth got me excited for fruit and well then I just got on a tangent to do a pre- weekend cleanse.   On Saturday I incorporated more liquids and and some maple cayenne lemonade into the day.  Today though I thought I would go a little more all out.


Started the day with 12 oz of water

a bowl of buckwheat dried apple, fresh banana cereal.  Sprinkled with poppy, sesame, chia and flax seeds over top, cinnamon, a drizzle of honey and almond milk, and a large glass of fruit juice.



I have fallen in love with City/Life/Eats and her amazing lunchbox ideas.  I pack lunch and dinner boxes daily with my busy schedule.  Her creativity really brings new inspiration to my cooking.  Today i’m going to re create one of her lunch boxes inspired from Choosing Raw.


Pumpkin Chia Seed Pudding


Hemp Hummus Stuffed Nori

and maybe some steamed veggies with red quinoa?!

Sounds good to me:)

A Sweet Afternoon Treat

Moroccan Cinnamon Orange Salad from Lucian Marin

Or, maybe a Green Smoothie considering all the sweets I’m planning on later tonight!!!

This Evening

My friend Jaime is in town and love trying my new recipes on her and her ideas for sauces always inspire me! Last month when she was in town I taught her how to make Vietnamese Salad Rolls, and she added her special touch to my Ginger Tamari Dipping Sauce which made it taste outstanding!!! This past month I have “tortured” her with homemade Vietnamese Pho, Gluten Free Green Scallion Pancakes, Sushi, Fish Tacos, and Pumpkin Sweet Potato S more Canoli’s and of course on her way out of town I will “force” her to take a packed lunch box!!! Now torture and force and far from that but I do insist on feeding her the best.



For dessert I plan to make Gluten and Dairy Free Kiwi Mango Cheesecake, from Real Sustenance April in the Raw

Oh…. and maybe some Macaroons from Choosing Raw, only because I have a beautiful coconut sitting on my counter that’s been saying EAT ME all week!!!

Dinner tonight was her treat a collaboration of my ingredients with her special sauce touch!!!!  Jaime recommended Balti Beef.  To find a simple recipe check out this site here !!! We modified the recipe a bit with what we have and to ensure it was made gluten free.  Plus both of us love ginger and garlic so we went all out with both of those ingredients.  Instead of beef we used portobello mushrooms.






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