Power Source Cafe

Power Source Cafe is a mostly organic, gluten and vegan friendly cafe open for breakfast and lunch.  Located just outside the Financial District (in Soma) of Downtown San Fran.  The company is family owned and focuses on sustainable to go ware, energy, and even give discounts for bringing your own to go containers :)

I had read a large mix of reviews on yelp.  Some of the comments were complaints on how the prices had been raised and how the service was slow.  I was a little nervous about what to expect.  I love that you can order your food online in advance.  Even though there was a pretty long line when I got there (around 1:30pm) my food and juice was really quick.  If you are looking to sit and eat I don’t recommend it, there are 3 small tables.  Luckly I scored one, it seemed like everyone was on their way out.

The food was great, I got a build a box.  It’s advertised as starting at 8.95, but this box can easily exceed 15 dollars if not careful.  The juice was great too, I was craving fresh squeezed juice the second I got to San Fran.  The Motor Oil was suggested online so I tried it, but also raised my bill by almost 10 dollars.

This place can be affordable or pricey depending on how elaborate you get.  The breakfast seems a little more affordable then lunch, and they have gluten free waffles…ummmm delicious:)


Check out their website here.  http://www.powersourcecafe.com


81 Fremont St
(between Mission St & Market St)
San Francisco, CA 94105
Neighborhood: SOMA


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