Post Challenge Tilapia, Sushi, and Asparagus Melt….

Why eat out when you can eat amazing at home for a fraction of the price.  Normally, I would say eat out so you don’t have have the hassle of shopping, cooking and cleaning.  However, when allergy’s play a roll in the factor, I find that the cross contamination is just too great of a risk to really mess with.  Besides I enjoy cooking and its a fraction of the cost eating out.

Breakfast : was simple and amazing.  Tilapia on a bed of steamed spinach, topped with Mango salsa, and fresh squeezed lime juice



Lunch: Quick and easy.  Veggie rolled sushi, drizzled with a ginger tamari, red pepper dressing



Dinner: So simple…

A piece of toasted Udi’s gluten free bread

smeared with…Roasted Red pepper Hummus

ToPpEd with cast iron fried tomato’s and steamed asparagus

sprinkle with nutritional yeast or your favorite cheese


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