Poor Man Greenhouse

A good friend of mine had taken the Master Garden Class with me.  Last year she did not do a greenhouse but this year was planning on doing so. She had shared some ideas of how she was planning on doing hers and it got me thinking well this doesn’t sound too hard to build a “poor man’s” greenhouse.  I spent about a month reading articles and watching videos on greenhouse building, styles of greenhouses, hoop houses, and poor man styles.  Once I finally got my ideas together I put together a plan and a list of starter materials.


I was going to use PVC pipe, painters plastic, duck tape, garden staples and a little fishing line, steaks or re-bar, rip ties, and screws!  The other factor was all I had was a stool no ladder!!!  The first thing I did was pull weeds, clear area and till in some organic compost.  Here are the construction results:

I pounded 8 pieces of rebar into the ground approximately in 2.5 feet increments…which is much more challenging then you would think when there are slates of rock less then a foot down!!!

I started with 8 pieces of 3/4 inch PVC Pipe, plus 5 pieces for attaching painters plastic along the bottom of the PVC structure to frame it.  I bent the PVC Pipe as you can see in the picture on the left, as if I was going to make a hoop house.  This added some flexibility and shape to the PVC pipe.

Once the PVC Pipe was shaped, I knew I wanted a gothic shaped green house not a round one.  I used a 4 way connector to make an X at the top of the structure.  This allowed for me to connect the PVC easily and made a nice line at the top to lay another piece of PVC along the length of the structure and  with rip ties for stability. I then created a door frame for the front of the green house using PVC T- Connectors, and rip ties to attach to the top of the gothic arch!

I then used painters plastic on the front and back walls and attached to PVC pipe with duck tape and rolling plastic tight.

Here I used one sheet of painters plastic to create the roof attached to 2 pieces of PVC pipe with duct tape and a few screws.

Here I added screen on the south side to allow for ventilation and also a screen door for ventilation.  The wall with the screen across it is adjustable I added hooks under the top roof layer that the bottom wall can be raised an attached to seal the greenhouse.

Screen door being constructed and wall up on the south side of greenhouse

Here are the plants started in the greenhouse in June, Pepper Plant and Tomato Plant too!!!!

This is my poor man green house, I built it for 150.00.  My good friends built theirs for under 60.00 and used less materials then me!!! It has been more fun and rewarding then I thought possible:)

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