P.F. Changs China Bistro

PF Changs China Bistro located in most larger city’s along with 4 international locations, Kuwait, 2 locations in Mexico, and Dubai.  They serve a large menu with an Asian Fusion feel.  The best thing about this restaurant is not only can you make orders online, and make reservations online but overall they cater to allergys.  I recently ate at one of their locations in Park Meadows, CO (near Denver).  They not only had a binder of nutritional information on most of the menu but have a gluten free menu.  PF Changs Gluten Free Menu.

Within 2 minutes of me mentioning I had a gluten allergy, the soy sauce was removed from the table and Tamari was at my side.  Best of all the server’s are educated on the matter.  At least mine was.  I asked her questions about the lettuce wraps, knowing that the crispy rice noodles are fryed in a fryer.  PF Changs has a dedicated gluten free fryer, and dedicated gluten free cook ware.

Delicious GF Lettuce Wraps

When a dish is served gluten free it is served on different plate ware then any other dish.  You will notice in the picture PF Changs logo on the plate ware.  Non-gluten free dishes are served on plane white plate’s.  Where as the Gluten Free dishes have the PF Changs logo.  This way there is no question if it was made gluten free, and the expo’s don’t mix it up either.  It provides a level of reassurance to the customer and me.

GF Norwegian Salmon Steamed with Ginger.  Also delicious.

Now for desserts they do have one Gluten Free Dessert option but it does have dairy in it.  Instead they were kind enough to bring me a loaded bowl of fruit while I watched my friend scarf down their 7 million layer chocolate cake.  Maybe not fair but at least it was a sweet treat.  I was highly impressed with the staff and the company’s approach to allergys.

View Further Nutritional Information Here

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