NYC Top 10 Restauraunts

I was skimming my favorite food blogs before bed tonight and came across Gena’s top 10 Bucket List restaurants in NYC.  Now I can’t guarantee that any of them are gluten free but they do cater to a raw and vegan lifestyle.  Usually when you throw one funky food requirement into dining options they tend to cater to others!

Here is Gena’s list: Top 10 Restaurants in NYC


The one restaurant I would recommend that amazed me to Allergy Sensitivities is Hill Country BBQ Market:  My friend Rob brought me to this “country cooking” kind of restaurant when I was visiting him where the motto is “Our BBQ, Your Backyard”.  I was skeptical at first but my server was amazing!!!!! The open air swanky brick/barn wood interior made the cafeteria style service feel like a Hodge podge of many different food service ideas swirled into its wdistinct color and style of service that was excellent.

The place was slammed with a wait and the server took time to make sure all my questions were answered and even checked back to make sure my allergy needs were met adequately.  As I went through the brisket line I mentioned no gluten or marinades.  The cook promptly switched out the cutting board, knife and everything surrounding.  He rubbed his knifes together twice and said here are your options what can I get you.

My jaw dropped I walked into a place that served a lot of fried food marinades and an inaccurate/mis-labeled allergy menu.  I said to the chef “Thank You” I rarely see people take allergy’s seriously in restaurants, with service often falling short of my expectations.

He says to me “It’s on me if you die today, or if you get sick, and I don’t want that”.

The service was amazing, I ate a meal confidently knowing the staff cared about the outcome of the experience in their restaurant.

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