Ny Times Gluten Free Bakeries

I’ve been talking to a lot of friends and professionals lately about what direction to take my blog and my passion for allergy free cooking.  I recently messaged my friend Shanna to see where her endeavors in the food world had taken her.  She was my suite mate in college and I was her RA.  After our adventure as undergraduate students she continued onto a culinary school in New Zeland.  Once this was complete she has returned back to the US to attend school for another bachelor’s degree in Nutrition and English.  Wow … it’s hard to keep up.  It got me thinking about what direction I want to go with cooking and nutrition.  She sent me this wonderful article about the Gluten rage in NY.  The link is at the bottom of this post!  Thanks Shanna:)

Gluten Free is slightly trendy right now, there is no doubt about that.  Everyone is always looking for the latest and greatest fad diet out there.  Really though gluten free is becoming more recognized and doctors are beginning to understand more about how gluten affects people.  This is the first time the long term affect of highly processed foods has been tested in humans.  Some professionals out there believe that 50 % of Americans have some reaction to gluten even if its small.

Check out what the NY times has to say about the latest and greatest trend that is raging the streets, looking for plan B…Make it Gluten Free!



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