November… where did it go?!  Holiday season is in full bloom, and it is also my 6 weeks off from work…ahh vacation time :)   I do apologize for not posting in the month of November, but I guarantee it was for a great cause.  The month of November I spent in rural Georgia, building a recycled home for Earthships Biotecture with 40 other people, and living on Davis Organic Farms with 20 other like minded interns.  What a great way to start out the holiday season, all brought together for one reason, to build a home, and cook food together for a month!  Not to mention my 1st Thanksgiving celebrated and off from work in 5 years.

I’m excited to get caught up and share all the fabulous recipes of mostly vegan, gluten free, and some raw farm cooking.  I will also be adding a link under “from the garden” with pictures and information on building a home made of recycled materials that incorporates a green house into your living space.

Not to mention the expansion on my site:  Farm Cooking (compliments of Davis Farms), and recipes I learned from such a talented community!

Please join me for the holiday season and delicious Gluten Free guidelines of how to survive the holidays with a new lifestyle.

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