New Position with Healthy Planet US

I just wanted to reach out to all my viewers and say thank you for your support, following and inspiration.  I recently took a position with a non-profit, Healthy Planet US.  I spend most of my time now writing for HPUS, including Social Media Marketing.  I will be sharing a lot of content from HPUS on GF-Blog and Gluten Free Blog’s Facebook page.  I hope in late spring and early summer to be able to start providing more Gluten Free Specific content again to GF-Blog!!!


What We Do:

Healthy Planet is a non-profit inspiring a new generation of conscious eaters.  They believe that the health of the planet and the health of local communities are inextricably linked to personal health and well-being.

Healthy Planet has developed a range of innovative ways that individuals, schools, communities, and businesses can get involved in making our planet healthier, from their unique school garden program to innovative and inspiring social events.

Their main initiative, Healthy Growing, is a customized school garden program, designed around the strengths of each school, and rooted in hands-on nutrition education and entrepreneurship.  They teach children the impact food has on their health and the planet.

Healthy Growing is not just about building gardens though. Teachers are given the skills and resources to integrate hands-on learning experiences in the classroom which focuses on entrepreneurial food ventures.  Healthy Planet US currently has gardens in 10 schools in Northern California since the company’s initial US launch in May 2012, with 5 more school gardens planned over the next few months.

Healthy Planet US does not rely on public funding, but instead uses a crowdfunding model that connects schools with local businesses and communities. This enables Healthy Planet to help any school in need. This model brings the whole community together while empowering everyone involved, ensuring long-term success and sustainability.

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