Never Assume

I’ve taught myself over and over again when finding your way to gluten freedom and dairy freedom:  double check, if suspicious don’t eat it, and most of all never assume and always ask.  I’m at a point where I can usually recognize weather or not I can eat a dish.  The obvious I can’t have pizza, or pasta or breads, or things with glutenous ketchup, and most desserts.

I was invited to a holiday party, and I brought my own dishes to make sure I would have something to eat!!! Gluten free Quinoa Stuffing, and Spice Cake with cranberries and walnuts!!!! UM-MM, yummy.  I get to the holiday party and start my checklist of what I could eat.  I see tons of stuff that looked great, but that I couldn’t eat.  Cornbread, bread pudding, lemon pie, gravey with lots of wheat!!!, jell-o shots with sour cream and vanilla layers, green beans with battered fried onions, rolls.  Well good think I brought something there was ZERO things that I could eat that were very obvious to my eye.  Then I saw a Turkey and a Ham… I thought “well surely I can eat these, the Turkey had a gluten free stuffing, and the Ham was cooked in a smoker”.  I didn’t even think to ask if the meat had anything I couldn’t have… I was just excited I could eat something!

I made myself a plate of Turkey, Ham, Quinoa stuffing, and 2 pieces of spiked cake!!!! Quite a success I thought to myself I successfully ate Gluten Free and Dairy Free at a Holiday Potluck…not and easy task!  Until I noticed a little later I had some indigestion and some gas, but nothing bad compared to a normal reaction.  I later went back in for some more ham.  Come to find after devouring 2 more chunks…the ham had been cooked in beer and bathed in the stuff.  No wonder it was SO good, and no wonder I was having indigestion and a little gas.  My skin seemed to flare up a little, but we will see the final results of reactions tomorrow!!!

So the moral of the story is NEVER ASSUME!!!!!

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