Namaste Foods, Gluten Free-Spice Cake Mix

Namaste Foods, makes an amazingly fluffy, moist spice cake, that has great flavor and texture.  I didn’t know if it was possible being a gluten free product, but its been a hit.  All of my friends have enjoyed it, and I can’t walk away long enough to even say that I want seconds!

I modified the recipe a little by adding, ginger, carrots, walnuts and beets.

Seeing that I was looking for a DF(dairy free) frosting, I chose Pamela’s Vanilla Frosting Mix, substituting an organic butter that I heated first, helping degenerate the protein if any in the Organic Spread.  I enjoy Pamela’s Chocolate Frosting Mix a little more then the Vanilla, but this frosting was a great alternative for the spice cake.  Again hands down to Pamela’s products, I have yet to try one that is anything but a pleasurable experience:)

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