I recently went to Montana for a quick 3 day vacation from life and work.  I went to visit my dearest friends Jeff and Jaime.  I often cook for them when they come to visit me in Idaho.  Jaime is a sauce and flavor expert, and always has been as long as I can remember.  Jeff hunts in the fall and can cook up mean meals on a cast iron skillet.  It was a wonderful vacation from cooking, writing and everything else that happens in daily life.



They live in a beautiful canyon in Montana with a short hike up into the hillside to their house from the road.  We started the night with amazing fresh margarita’s and cooked a feast of food, spent time catching up and relaxing!  There is nothing better then good food, good people, drinks and quality relaxation time:)



Try spicing up margaritas by using fresh cut lemons and limes, or organic lime juice, use agave to sweeten cointreau and some agave based tequila.


One pot Meal

Jaime cooked an amazing one pot meal with tomato sauce, onions, garlic, tons of veggies, with a side of gluten free vegan bread and dairy free butter.  This meal was amazing and reminded me of meals as a kid.  What kid dosen’t love spaghetti and bread with butter.



One pot meal are an easy and excellent way to serve for dinner parties, cook outs or pot locks.



Cast Iron Skillet

Jeff cooked us an amazing cast iron skillet stir fry using gluten free sauces, lots of veggies, sprouts and cashews.  The beautiful thing about this meal is you can put just about anything into it, spice it up, sauce it up, add some garlic and ginger and you have a great versatile meal.  Put it over sauteed greens, rice or saute and egg over it in the morning.  It’s versatile, quick and filling, not to mention easy:)



Top the meal with sprouts, fresh greens, micro greens or handful of nuts and seeds.



I’ve heard of cat whisperers.  I’ve witnessed an amazing “Horse Whisperer” in Wyoming and seen him break dozens of young horses, and my friend Jaime, if so exists is an amazing Garden Whisperer.  She has the touch and knowledge of someone that has been gardening for 50 + years!!! I even had her “bless” my garden in the spring when she was passing town….to be honest, after seeing how amazing her starter plants looked, I am pretty sure I need her to bless it again.



Jaimie’s amazing squash plants in May, I wish I had taken pictures of the tomato’s and basil, they were beyond huge for the time of year.



Dreaming of an amazing gardening space?  Try this one out for size, soon to be finished with professional grade green house plastic.  If anyone needs garden help my friend Jamie is the person to call.


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