Montana Griddle (GF Potato Pancakes)

Montana Griddle

4 small-medium yams or sweet potato’s

2 medium potato’s

1 onion

3 cloves garlic

1 cup brown rice flower (or your choice of GF flower)

Spices:  cumin, curry powder, chili powder, white pepper

1)Chop Onion, mince or crush garlic and saute in a pan

2)Grate potato’s into a bowl

3) Add the following to the grated potato’s: onion’s, garlic, spices and flower(gradually) into bowl, mix flour in with hands and add flower slowly until everything is sticky enough to make a squished ball

4) mix ingredients by hand and squish into patties

5) Cook in frying pan on both sides, add a lid and some water to expedite cooking

or, try to bake, then refrigerating, and frying as needed

Top with bacon, eggs, avocado, salsa, green onions, tomato slices, and side of fruit.

This is my favorite breakfast yet, delicious!!!

3 Responses to “Montana Griddle (GF Potato Pancakes)”

  1. Emanuel Muffler:

    Hello thanks for yet another very interesting post. Where do you get your inspiration for all this :| ?

  2. Jess Tandarts:

    Hello thanks for this nice and interesting post. But I still dont get the third part though!

  3. Cabbage Crocante | Gluten Free Blog:

    [...] possibly do with cabbage.  I thought of all the endless possibilities, shredded on chili or the Montana Griddle, in a soup, or thai food.  Then while thinking about how much I miss crunchy salty snacks I came [...]

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