Microwave Disaster

Most people at work share a microwave with their co-workers right? I work for a company that is highly diverse and foreign so to speak, the rule of space and sharing are a completely different definition then they are in the US.  Our company also provides one hot meal per day to their employees free of charge.  Well one free meal to those who eat gluten I should say.

Yesterday at work I was on my lunch break and placed my own prepared food in the microwave to heat it up.  A lady from mexico opens the microwave mid way through my cooking cycle and throws her gluten filled tortillas on top of my food with out even asking!!!

I promptly opened the microwave and handed her the tortillas and explained that I am allergic to gluten and she must wait until I am done.  She then opens the microwave again and says “no no, this OK” and puts them back on top of my food.  At this point they are crumbled slightly onto my food and its a lost cause.

So much for preparing a gluten free meal for myself, my meal was a disaster and destroyed.

I’m pretty sure the non English speaking lady thought I was quite possibly crazy and probably offended.

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