Lucile’s Creole Cafe

I’m not sure why but I always find myself back at Lucile’s when I go to Colorado.  I’ve always had fond memory’s of riding cruiser bikes to get a late breakfast with friends, sipping on chicory coffee, and downing some amazing biscuits and gravy (pre-gluten free and dairy free days).  The Fort Collins locations being my favorites with amazing outdoor seating areas.  The thing is it’s really hard to eat there being gluten and dairy free.  Not to mention extremely over priced for what a person with allergies can get.

Every time I go to eat there I ask if they have olive oil or a dairy free butter to cook with, and they never do.  I ask them to cook my food in water… not the best but it is an alternative.  Over the years they have drastically improved on the gluten free side of things and at least have gluten free english muffins now!!!  Another down fall I have found is the staff is not fully educated.  I remember one time nobody could answer my question if the seasoning for the potato’s had wheat in it.

But still I am stuck on how over priced my options are.  Plus to substitute fruit for anything its an additional charge.  I completely understand, but I can’t eat most of the side options to begin with, if I’m taking 2-3 side items off of my meal shouldn’t that cover the cost of fruit?!

My breakfast was decently tasty, but I feel like I could have made the same thing at home, taste better for a fraction of the price.  The trout with poached eggs and a small side of fruit cost somewhere between 15-17 dollars… BAH!!!!

So yes it’s an option but Colorado being a large city sprawl there are many other options that taste much better for half the price.  Perhaps if I wasn’t dairy free as well, I might feel differently.  But Dairy and Gluten most definitely puts some restrictions on the menu at Lucile’s.  On the other hand their fresh squeezed juices are AMAZING:)

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