Lotus Cafe

Lotus Cafe

Lotus Cafe is a place where you can go to enjoy food that is on par with a major city.  Where the staff and food selection accommodates dietary needs and questions are always welcome.  A wide selection of Organic, Gluten Free, and Vegan options paint the menu.  Dishes are prepared with great care and integrity to keep it real and natural.  Everything is prepared in house from sauces, to curry’s and tea.

The atmosphere takes the cutting edge western glam and high maintenance feel of Jackson Hole, back down to the roots and earth the second you walk through the door.  Whether you are looking to enjoy good conversation or a good book it’s a great place to enjoy crafty hand made food, fresh squeezed juice, and home made teas.

I stumbled upon Lotus Cafe about a year ago.  Really I was looking for a Starbucks or just somewhere to get coffee and read a book or surf the internet.  I would never hope for a Starbucks in such a great Valley, yet a western version of Starbucks, with a crafty touch that would actually be open on a Sunday was what I needed on a Sunday afternoon about a year ago.  Yelp led me to Lotus Cafe and I couldn’t have been happier with the find.

Coming from the Driggs side of Idaho where every day is like walking into Cheers, people are down to earth and modest, its sometimes overwhelming for me to make the drive in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, where a glass of OJ can cost you 9 dollars at a Resort in the village, the town floats with fur head to toe, and the people tend to be a little more just high maintenance and loud.

Lotus though is a great surprise located off of N. Glenwood Ave off the main drag 1 block West of the Square.  Down to earth staff, furnishings, and at home music, the ambiance makes the perfect cafe that brings in all walks of life from head to toe fur to down to earth poor man style.

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