Live and Raw Food Diet

So I think I’m finally starting to get the hang of cooking and re – learning how to cook on my journey to “Gluten Freedom”.  Though, I am still constantly looking for new tasty treats to conjure up, it seems as though I get in a pattern of finding something that works and repeat the same 4 or 5 recipes over and over again!  Overall, I feel like I’m a little more stable and calm and not rushing all the time to prep a bunch of food for the week.  At this point I look constantly of how to increase my gluten free vocabulary and my food vocabulary and paring knowledge so it turns into a mouth watering experience!

Lately I have been hearing a lot of talk about raw and live foods.  As “trendy” as the gluten free diet seems to some right now, I feel the “raw and live food” diet has been getting a lot of hype too! To be honest I didn’t know much about it other then a few gluten free foods I have tried are “live foods”.  So I researched it and here is what I found out!  Essentially the diet is eating raw foods and sprouted foods: The Living & Raw Food Diet .  So what does sprouted mean? Here is an example:  Sprouted Almonds.

The raw and live food combination seems like it’s just what i’m looking for to expand my knowledge and food vocabulary.  I’m excited for the experimentation to continue with foods that taste great and are good for you as well!

Check out some of the recipes from Alissa Cohen Raw & Live Recipes

This should be fun to try and incorporate some raw and live foods into the next 2 months of my cooking.

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