Lemon Ginger Soup

This soup is SO easy to make and great for the depth of cold winter.  Great for keeping colds away or for when you are feeling a little under the weather.  This could also be labeled peasants soup.  So many of my friends when they see this say wow you really went the extra mile with those left over veggies.  However, this soup tastes amazing, and has a great warming feeling in the dead cold of winter.



Pick your favorite veggies:

What I had on hand:

3-4 Carrots

1/2 Onions

3 clovesGarlic

1 Squash

1 Zucchini

2 sticks Celery


Sautee:  Onions, garlic, carrots and celery until the onions become translucent and carrots are slightly softened

Add Gluten Free (pacific brand is my favorite) veggie or chicken stock and additional veggies

Grate 1 inch piece of ginger

and Squeeze 1/2 a fresh lemon into soup pot

Top with sprouts and cayenne pepper…. if this doesn’t keep the doctor away I don’t know what does!



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