Last Garden Harvest

Winter is my favorite time of year.  But every year that I get ready to put the garden to bad, it brings a sadness.  Winterizing the garden space and the house is a lot of work.  Plastic sealing the windows, chopping fire wood, while doing last harvest and putting the garden to bed, blanching/freezing foods and canning is all a lot of work.  Plus fishing season is coming to a close and hunting season is full blown.  Though i’m not a huge fisher and hunting is on my wish list, its still such a busy time a year as work winds down and this sleepy little ski town will become a ghost town while everyone heads out for fall vacations before thanksgiving.



Of course I waited until the last minute to harvest the garden and I still have food from my last harvest on the farm in the fridge.  I had so many recipe ideas in my head to crank through the food and put onto the site, but in all reality I am out of time and leave tomorrow at 6 am for vacation.  Luckily though I am able to trade my last harvests for plowing of my driveway with a friend.



My last garden meal was simple and easy with an abundance of color.  Sauteed onions and garlic, Kale (red russian), radishes, squash blossoms tossed in a gluten free teriyaki and a splash of fish sauce, it was easy, quick and wholesome.



This year I didnt have a chance to burn the garden space, but I did up root everything and pile it in the garden to compost over the winter.  I retired all the plastic, and left the skeleton.  The skeleton will get pulled down when I return for winter in December.  Hopefully everything will not be frozen together, cross my fingers.

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