La Trappe

I was hesitant to check this place out, only because me experience of searching for gluten free restaurants in San Fran had been disaster after disaster, especially on the non – obvious organic earthy kind of gluten free menus.  I had already run into menu after menu, and restaurant after restaurant that had been stated gluten free on yelp, but then I call and the person on the other end of the phone has no idea what gluten free is, or they said they try not to cater to allergies.



A phone call was worth a shot.  I had called in advance, because on yelp the reviews stated that this place had the largest selection of gluten free beers in San Fran.  Wow, sounds neat but what does that mean?   The person on the other end of the phone happen to be standing next to the chef, who said yes, come on in we can make you something gluten free.

After passing La trappe twice on Columbus street while exploring the city, I decided it had to be worth a shot.  The main focus of the restaurant is downstairs with a rustic Italian Bistro feel.  As I descend the stairs into the bistro’s tavern there is a warm local casual vibe.  The main walk area leads you down a rustic Italian pub style seating with booths and a long bar. I propped myself up at the end of the bar.  It was  a Tuesday, so I knew it would be slower and hopefully the staff would have time to answer questions.  My bartender was Erik.  A huge thick beer menu is placed in front of me, as much as I wished I could rifle through the list and pick the brain of the staff on beers that are sweeter, more bitter, sour, darker and more full bodied, I flip through the somewhat daunting list of 100+ bottled beers close the list and asked for a gluten free beer.  I decided on the Greens Amber.  It was great.


Gluten Free Beers:

Greens Amber

Greens Double- Belgian Brown

Greens Triple- Straw Hay Golden



Erik did an excellent job of multitasking, training new staff, answering my questions and others as the bar started to fill up.  I love listening to other servers and bartenders rattle off answers to questions, especially in a place where the knowledge matters.  His knowledge on beer was impressive and endless.  If you are going to go to this place to enjoy the beers I highly recommend to sit at the bar while Erik is working.  He knew a lot about not only beers but gluten free beers.  The requirements for parts per million during the distilling process and what gluten free beers would be coming out this next season!!!



Next was the menu.  I was reading it but very un-sure of what I could eat.  Even though Erik was not 100 percent sure at first he went out of his way to find the answers to make sure I had a great meal.  The seafood options are the safest bet.  I ordered the Konkan, which is a coconut muscle stew.  In place of fry’s they substituted a large side salad with red wine vinaigrette.  The broth made excellent left overs with quinoa and steamed veggies added.



800 Greenwich St
San Francisco, CA 94133

neighborhood: russian hill/northeast


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