Kikkoman GF Soy Sauce

Kikkoman claims that their soy sauce is gluten free.  Indeed there are no wheat or gluten based  ingredients in their “gluten free” soy sauce.  However,  I personally react to this soy sauce.  I started researching other peoples responses and other people have been having reactions to it to.  It made me think for minute about why?


Granted besides the obvoius that many company’s have false advertising.  Not to mention that now over 20% of American population is seeking out gluten free lifestyles and products meaning company’s want to make profit so they will do what it takes to meet the margin.

Kikkoman produces in the factory and on machinery all gluten and wheat based products.  Their gluten free soy is the only “gluten free” product they produce.  If one where to think about this, their gluten free product is sharing machinery and a facility with gluten.

Kikkoman is not a Certified Gluten Free product meaning they are not required to meet guidelines or regulations to be considered a gluten free product.  But, since their is technically no gluten in this product Kikkoman can advertise this product however the choose meaning they can label it gluten free.

So what I say is stick with a certified gluten free soy sauce like San-J Tamari.  Read here about Allison’s reaction to Kikkoman.  Also, included is Kikkoman’s generic response letter to cover their own butts, always telling you to check with your doctor.



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