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Who doesn’t love doing a wine tour, driving around the endless fields of grape harvests, the smell of fresh air, sipping on wine and eating good food.  Discovering tastes and combinations that you would have never known could hit your pallet from the simplest and most subtle tones to the up most complex and powerful crawl up the taste buds of your tongue.  It’s an amazing thing to do and a great experience to share with friends, but its a questionable experience for Celiac’s.  I’m not sure I have a definitive answer for anyone on this topic, but hopefully this will help shed some light on what I have researched myself.

Wine is a controversy… really at this point all alcohol is a controversy, you will hear one persons opinion over another, and one company trying to sell one thing and another person telling you it’s wrong for x,y,and z.  I do drink wine, I also use it for cooking, but I feel better when I don’t drink it overall. There is also the fact that I have had reactions to wine, and I can’t explain why.  I have noticed though that my reactions remain consistent within lines and company’s of wine, and with every bottle in that line.  So, if I react to one I just avoid that wine.

Yes, some company’s use wheat paste to seal their barrels, other company’s use old oak barrels that have been washed with wheat flour.  I did a wine tour last year in Napa Valley, and inquired every company that had the time about wheat cross contamination.  Some company’s didn’t have an answer.  Some said they are not cross contaminated.  Some said that they were not positive because the actual wine makers treat every wine and every barrel slightly different.

I don’t have a definitive answer on wine, the best piece of advice I can give you is to call every manufacturer before hand.  Also don’t trust steel barrel wines, I have had gluten like reactions from steel barrel wine as well.



5 Articles that Say More on Gluten and Wine

However I found some of these forums quite hilarious.  This one is from Switch 2 Gluten Free by a guy named Mike.  I wouldn’t put full faith in his article but trust more of the responses and comments directed toward the article.  He even says in his ABOUT ME section that he does not have adverse reactions to gluten and has trouble staying away from dishes and favorites that have gluten in them.  Again a funny article with real responses.  Rebecca’s and Marie’s responses hit home the best to me.  View Forum Here This is probably the best straight forward non-biased article I have read on wine.  With great tips like, “if you find a wine you don’t react to, buy a case and stick with it”.  I agree with this article that if you are the most sensitive to gluten cross contamination then there is a chance you may react to some wines.  About.Com’s take on Is Wine Gluten Free?


Dr. Vino, claims that wine is gluten free, however there is a small possibility for cross contaminationView More Here.

-  One of the commentators in Dr. Vino’s forum had an excellent video on how wine barrels are made.  Though there are no words and it is easy to miss where Copper’s actually uses a wheat paste to seal their barrels, its pretty neat to see start to finish of barrel making.  View Video Here


KC, at Gluten Free Foodie, comes from a generational background of wine.  Her take is a little more insightful.  However like she says, here is some information, “but I’ll let you decide for yourself and for your health.”  See Her Take Here

- KC make’s a great point in that some company’s use different filtration so if you have a fish, seafood, casein, or egg allergy this could be adding to the confusing complication of the whole matter.


Gluten Free Living- Shares all the details and thought process, along with questions that lead us to the wanting to know more about if wine is gluten free.  I love her answer “The majority of articles suggest that wine is naturally gluten free as it is made from grapes and no grains are involved in the preservative process. However other articles suggest a different story.” View Gluten Free Living’s Article Here



Which all of this led me to RD, Rachel Begun’s tips “each individual can make their own personal decision based on their experiences and level of sensitivity.” Moreover, my take on the whole situation is:  It’s up to you to decide what works for you, no matter what a doctor says, or what you read, collect the information, research it, and do what is best for you.  Everyone is their own individual and what works for one person, may not work for another!

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