How to survive the holidays GF

Holidays can already be stressful, and too much packed into too little time!!! On top of that going through your first, second, or even first year of holidays is quite the challenge Gluten Free, and Dairy Free.  It definitely  makes you think outside of the box.  Things like brownies, cookies and cornbread are easy now only because there are pre packaged, gluten free versions of these items, that actually taste somewhat good, if not excellent!  Other things like pie’s, stuffing, and gravy are the hard part for me!

Tips on How to survive the holidays GF

Holiday Party’s

OK, I know this sounds lame, but eat before you go to holiday party’s

or, Bring a little of everything to share that is gluten free!!!

Check with the host to see if there are other allergy’s

Best, host the party yourself and cook however you want:)

Never assume

Throughought the Holidays

Cook yourself extra Pie, cookies, treats, or things that symbolize a holiday to you, but a GF version

Don’t be afraid to experiment with your cooking

Ask for new or used kitchen gadgets… i’m slowly learning that things like a food processor will be handy and save my arm a lot of chopping

Make a list of food you miss that you want to learn how to make gluten free

and then, see if you can make it better then the real deal:)

Never assume


Cook ahead of time and pack what you can

Plan, and possibly write out a menu

Always have snacks handy, you never know when you will get stuck with holiday travel

Call restaurants ahead of time see if they have options or can take reservations too


The hard part for me is making gluten free stuffing, and gluten free and dairy free gravey!!!

Again never assume

Gluten Free Stuffing

OK maybe not great for stuffing a turkey with but it is delicious for and alternative stuffing for someone with celiacs!!!

Use cooked quinoa as the base

Add apples, raisins,cranberries, celery to quinoa

or,anythying you would normally put in stuffing

Spice just like normal stuffing


GF/DF Gravey

Sautee garlic, onion and olive oil

add flour, thicken to paste

extend with rice milk(or your substitution choice)

Add your choice of gf stock

I really enjoy adding a portabella mushroom or gf/df mushroom soup to extend

1 Tbsp yellow mustard

optional add tahini

add spices, try salt, pepper, paprika, and some sage

and Nutritional Yeast, until desired flavor is reached


GF Apple Pie

Sounds silly but make an apple pie, with no crust, and a brown sugar crumple topping

Maybe not quite the same but still is a nice treat:)


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