Holiday Weekend Tips

Ok, so I know the holiday’s are hard for planning healthy meals, especially on the go and in a hurry.  Stephanie posted some excellent tips on her page about how to pick out healthier options on the road and at fast food joints.  I wont have access to the internet this weekend, but can’t wait to share some more great recipes after a long weekend!!!

Here is what Stephanie Shared:

Jimmy Johns-unwitch
Milios-lettuce wrap
Chipotle-salad (they do have brown rice, ask for 1/2 order)
Arby’s-salad or baked potato
Burger king-salad or grilled chicken
KFC-grilled chicken
Wendy’s-chili, salad or baked potato
Pizza Luce-gluten free pizza
Grocery store-salad bar or roasted chicken

Good rules to follow when you are out to eat:
-Look for grilled and steamed.
-Order a water to drink and then drink up!
-Order sauces and dressings on the side and then dip your fork into the dressing when you want some.  -Salsa is a great alternative to dressing.
-Know that you are the customer and most places will make make what you order, even its is special, they want your business.

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8 Tips to Survive BBQ Season Holiday:

1)  Quinoa salad’s are so easy to make and take on the run, they hold well in coolers, or out of coolers (through 1 afternoon)

2)  Try and think about healthy snacks to take with you- like a jar of peanut butter and veggies

3)  Or a bag of plain rice cakes, and some fruit…also goes great with peanut butter

4)  If you have access to a microwave, grab some leftovers from this past week togo

5)  If you have time offer to bring a side dish to a bbq or cook out (again quinoa salads hold great)

6)  If you are going camping, cut up an onion, pepper and diced yams, double wrap it in tin foil, spice it with some salt and pepper.  Toss it on the camp fire…It pairs great with anything or on its own

7)  Bring skewers, these are perfect for camping or family and friend’s bbq’s.  They are often pre made in the grocery store or make them yourself!!! (just watch the marinade in the grocery store and double check it is gluten free!!!)

8)  Mix it up:  I LOVE LOVE LOVE – Enjoy Life’s Trail Mix (a combination of sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, cranberries, allergy free chocolate chips and dried apples).  The processing, and additives are at minimum with this brand and there are no added food dyes!!! (Sold at Lake Winds)

But just as easy, always have some bulk seeds and nuts on hand and toss them together in a togo bag (I actually always keep a stash in my car


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