So what’s the news on GMO’s…. Every day I hear of new people discovering food allergies.  I have friends that become believers of a Gluten Free lifestyle.  I watch people open their eyes to what is happening in the world.  It’s funny because the other day my sister said to me what kind of greens are those.  They were a bag of mixed greens from my Organic CSA share.  I said I don’t know, it’s a bunch of mixed greens (some of the leaves I recognized, and some I didn’t)

My sister said to me…. well that’s scary isn’t it, you don’t know what you are eating?

I couldn’t help but laugh. I thought it was funny that she thought my food was scary.  It was harvested with 48 hours of me eating it.  No chemical or pesticide was used on it.  It was harvested, prepared and handled with love.  Allowing me to absorb the highest amounts of nutrients possible.

Yet she doesn’t want to know about how her chicken is washed in ammonia during processing… or that the packaged labeling on processed foods has a list longer then my to-do list of words people cant pronounce.  I slowly am here to open her eyes to a world of food…as she slowly opens my eyes to a world of exercise!

I remind people that just because a label says gluten free, or dairy free, fat free, low fat you name it, does not mean it’s healthy.  Processed and packaged foods have become a way of life for the busy American lifestyle…but long term it takes a toll on the body and mind!


California’s GMO Food Referendum

This will be the first time in the US that the people’s vote drive’s a bill and not a politicians pocket!

Earth Open Source, Shares the hidden truth about GMO’s from accredited doctors and scientitsts…. Read More Here

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