Gluten Free + Travel = Fun

Recently during my 6 weeks of vacation I came up with the brilliant idea to not only write about product reviews but to write about restaurant and dining experiences with a catch…Gluten Free!!! I love to travel, but I have found with being Gluten Free there is a lot more planning, preparation and patience that comes into eating on the run and on the road.  To my surprise I found many places now have a gluten free, or allergen menu.  Not to my surprise I found many places with staff who were un-educated, or menus that were not necessarily entirely true on what they were listing as gluten free.  Here and there I found some great places who had patience with my ridiculous amount of questions and special requests.  After all eating out gluten and dairy free is not yet an easy task.  Let alone, I have come to find that the food I cook often tastes better then the GF options in most dining situations… not all but most.

Being Gluten Free or allergan free with the travel bug really can be fun.  Just remember a few tips:


Ask to speak to a manager first thing, or call ahead

Educate yourself and know the facts!!!

Ask for a gluten free menu, and whatever you do don’t believe it!!!!

Expect to get funny looks

Expect to have to explain

Most of all enjoy the learning process and experience

And, thank the staff’s that are educated and go out of their way to help:)

Last but not least: always pack snacks as a back up plan, there’s nothing like being hungry gluten free

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