Gluten Cross Contamination

Recently cross contamination has come up a lot for me.  How much does it really take to make someone sick?  Some statistics say 20PPM others say as little as 10PPM.  For a visual perspective this is 1 eye droplet or 1/2 eye droplet of blue food die to one gallon of water.

Here are some resources I have come across…it seems that every year more and more information is available which is amazing!  Some studies show as little as 24 to 30 milligrams of gluten (1/145th of a slice of conventional bread AKA a crumb) can set of mild discomfort and intestinal inflammation.

Many of my trace encounters with gluten are much milder the a full cross contamination or gluten ingestion.  These include:

Full Cross Contamination and Ingestion:

Extreme Mood Swings, Irritability, Debilitating Migraine, Eczema, Breakouts around my mouth including rashes, Hair Loss, Diarrhea or extreme Constipation one or the other), severe severe gas, painful gas and smelly gas, stomach bloating (the wheat belly), painful intestinal pain and the feeling of nails scraping your intestines as your bowel movements move, persistent yeast infections, sharp shooting pains of the vaginal wall, painful bowel movements swelling of hands and joints,  joint pain, loss of feeling in limbs, sharp tingling sensations running to fingers and toes, restlessness, lack of sleep.  With extreme consumption I experience severe sinus infections and swelling of glands, along with intolerance to legumes, nuts, and many foods for several weeks.  Most symptoms last about a month.

Trace Amounts of Cross Contamination and Ingestion:

Trace amounts for me would be as little as a bread crumb, one drop of soy sauce, one sip of a tea or soup that may contain gluten, using a pan or pot that may have not been cleaned thoroughly.  Symptoms tend to last 14-21 days.  However, symptoms are much less severe.  Symptoms include, itchiness of skin or face where rashes typically would flare up, mild gas, mild stomach bloating, mood swings, irritability, lack of sleep, yeast infections, and vaginal wall pain.

However, the one thing I have noticed is that my symptoms are slowly improving, the reaction times take longer, and don’t last quite as long as they use to.



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