Gena’s Black and Blue Smoothie

This recipe is modified from Gena’s black and blue smoothie from choosing raw.  I simply can not handle raw blueberries, they make me sick to my stomach.  So instead I substituted raspberries and blackberries!!!  I chose this smoothie today because it hit home.  Talking about the what if’s, failure, the insecurities of life and feelings of self doubt.  I have a suspicion like Gena, I am much a perfectionist, and I work really hard, sometimes I wonder though why I do it all.

I recently applied for a private chef position in Jackson, WY.  Now let’s talk about Jackson Hole for a moment.  High end, expensive, and a huge amount of the top billionaires in the US own 2nd or 3rd homes in this town.  For work their is mainly Tourism and a lot of food and beverage jobs.  Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts is considered 5 star 5 diamond in JH.  So combine all of this with a private chef opening in the newspaper.

The add is for a group of people who are gluten, dairy, sugar free and some raw vegetable free and organic only please.  Talk about hitting home, that is my life, described in the paper wrapped up into a dream job.  With competition of 5 star 5 diamond chefs, and people who studied culinary arts at the CIA, or Cordon Bleu, the Harvard’s of Culinary industry.  How am I suppose to compete with the paper credentials???  Though i’ve been working in food and beverage for 13 years, and have quite the un-orthodox cooking experience, sometimes I wonder how it will compete with the Harvard’s out there.

I even offered to bring the share’s from an organic farm I am working on and grow them all of their own organic food to incorporate into their cooking… I mean talk about a deal right?

I haven’t heard back and it makes me sometimes doubt what I am doing, and question why I even put SO much effort into what I am doing.  It also made me laugh because a co worker was applying for the job as well, he knew absolutely nothing about food allergy’s and said I figure I can make them fancy oatmeal and what not.  Which then threw me in a tizzy of how oatmeal isn’t gluten free.  He claims it is.  My come back was it personally gives me explosive diarrhea how would you like to have that on your hands.  But then again he is the one with credentials on paper!

It drove me crazy that even though people have the credentials like CIA, Cordon Bleu and 5 star 5 diamond, it doesn’t mean they know anything about as extensive of food allergy’s that I have or this family has in the ad.  I wanted to protect the family from the people around me that claim to be qualified.  So the only thing I could do was apply for the job and hope for the best.

To add even more to the black and blue I recently entered the Rudi’s recipe competition.  There are approximately 100 participants.  My photo is great, recipe creative and i’d say my gluten free story is pretty, well… elaborate of a Journey which are all criteria in the voting.  But then Rudi’s turns it into a popularity contest by sending out an email that people can vote every day and the winners would be based off of Facebook votes.  What happen to talent and creativity?!  Huge disappointment to me.  Especially since I’m living in a town with about 1000 people right now :/

With the weather grey and me feeling down I fully indulged in a variation of Gena’s Black and Blue smoothie.  Which by the way was absolutely fabulous:)

Black and Blue Smoothie

  • 1/2 frozen banana
  • handful of raspberries and blackberries mixed
  • 1 Tbs raw cocoa nibs
  • Ice cubes
  • 1/2 cup- 1 cup vanilla almond milk
  • You favorite protein powder (I like Life’s basics Plant Protein)
  • Blend and enjoy!
  • Tip:  Freezing the fruits before blending will add a creamier more smoothie like texture.

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