Garlic, Chocolate, and Trader Joe’s

I’ve been in San Francisco for almost a week now for a little month long city vacation.  Today my search revolved around Chocolate and Garlic.  I remember how much I use to love Trader Joe’s living out east, it was my favorite place to go to get not so normal goodies, and food you couldn’t find in grocery stores.  But here in San Fran, I was super disappointed to see how small the selection was.  The organic fruits and vegetables are an excellent price but limited.  Another great point is that most of the labeling is accurate and honest.  Almost everything that has been packaged in a Trader Joe’s facility has probably come into contact with wheat, dairy and many of the other 8 major allergens.  Therefor finding chocolate was out of the question.



This sent me in a hunt for garlic and chocolate, two things essential to my life and cooking.  Garlic goes well in just about everything and chocolate, well just one of my favorite treats, thats all!

About Mid afternoon today I headed down the Embarcadaro to see the water.  On the way I ran into a friend and we decided to check out the Ferry Building.  I came along a great find, and I’m pretty sure my new favorite chocolate.  Not only did I find the best chocolate but a great market called Farm Fresh To You.

Taza Chocolate Mexicano

Not only is this chocolate gluten free, dairy free and soy free but is made with cane sugar instead of processed sugars!!!  To find more information on the company check it out at



After a short walk along the water and half of my chocolate we headed up through the financial district and ran across The Stinking Rose.  A restaurant that is based around garlic.  I’ve seen SO many restaurants since I’ve been here, lots in China Town, many in Little Italy, each neighborhood having its theme.  But this one had a brand, and a brand that makes you want to try it….garlic.



Our server was awesome and aware of gluten and dairy allergies, and what I could and could not have for food.  I ended up have a side of roasted garlic bulbs and the Lamb Shank.  I’m not 100 percent sure that the Lamb Shank was gluten free.  It was prepared with no sauce, and steamed veggies, but I had some GI reactions that night and into the next day.  Regardless, with the right questions asked I think the staff can meet the needs of those with allergies.


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