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Forage Bistro and Lounge is located on Third street in Driggs Idaho.  Progressive for the area, it has creative space that brings a breath of fresh air in dining options.  An urban feel in a small mountain town, creative and colorful space, yet the perfect size.  This restaurant was started by two of the original owners of Miso Hungry (Tanya and Andrea).  They have brought a twist and creative flare to a seasonally changing menu, and stepped it up a notch from the original Miso Hungry.  Their creativity and expression has truly flourished in their new restaurant including the day to day flare of a third chef Blane.

Being what some may call a health nut and an allergy freak, Forage is my go-to restaurant in town.  Forage provides minimal to no risk of gluten cross contamination.  Most dishes are prepared on a pan to pan request, changing out cook ware for almost all dishes.  The owners/cooks, are sensitive accommodating to the needs of their guests.  I have been lucky enough to even have Blane specially prepare meals on a day to day scenario of specials on the menu, adapting to the challenges of my allergy’s, needs, and cravings.


Menu Favorites:

Often daily soups are gluten free, vegan, and dairy free, depending on the special of the day.  One of my favorites and affordable menu items is a homemade vegetarian burger, made from quinoa and beans.

Picture: Vegan Lentil Soup, with muscles added (on request) and Side Salad!!!

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285 East Little Avenue, Driggs, ID (208) 354-2858

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  1. Forage:

    Thanks for the great review!. The new menu for the summer months will be ready may 7th after a short break. We will be closed may 2nd to the 7th for cleaning and preparation of the new menu. Lots of new gf options plus new menu set up that will tell your vegan and gf meals. Thanks again Blaine Baldwin and forage crew!!!

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